Palmer MI FAT 50 - Tube Guitar Combo 50 W

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  • Palmer MI FAT 50 - Tube Guitar Combo 50 W
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Palmer FAT50 Tube Series amplifiers are for the guitarist in search of the distinct and highly individual sounds only a true all-tube design can produce. Full of character, yet straight forward and uncluttered Palmer amps are back - with tons of tone, high quality components, rugged construction and attractive cosmectics to fulfil the demands of discerning players.

The no-compromise FAT50 design incorporates a rainbow of sounds with punch and definition - from subtle crunch to maximum saturation, and a lively and dynamic clean tone with extended headroom.The FAT50‘s High Gain circuit provides massive overdrive for a comprehensive set list of quintessential riffs and classic lead lines.

In addition to their outstanding sound quality Palmer amps offer unsurpassed reliability on stage and in the studio. Premium quality tubes are used throughout for safe and stable operation. With two footswitchablemaster volumes and a solid 50 Watts of true tube power FAT50 amps are built to be heard!

Technical Data:

Preamp Section

  • V1, V2: ECC83/12AX7A highgrade
  • V3, V4: ECC83/12AX7A selected

Power-Amp Section

  • V5, V6: 5881 (6L6GC) matched set
  • Output Power: 50 Watt an 8 oder 16 Ohm

Sound Section

  • Speaker: 12” Eminence Governor - 16 Ohm


  • Mains Volltage: 230 V~ +/-10%
  • Max. Power consumption: 150 W
  • Power consumption in Standby mode: 42 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 580 x 500 x 270 mm

Artikelnummer: PFAT50

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